Welcome to the world of best mineral powder made from various minerals.

Welcome to the incredible world of Mayur Floorings Limited. We are identified as one of the most prominent white marble/dolomite powder manufacturers of the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan State is one of the Mineral /Marble reach state which is holding deposits of various mineral, especially marble and dolomite. We are engaged in the manufacturing of the different grades, quality of marble / mineral powder made of dolomite, marble, quartz’s, feldspar and so on. The raw material required for the purpose is easily available within the close proximity of the factory premises.

The company tries to service the requirements of its customer through its produce which provides various options to choose the product of his own choice of grades, quality, quantity and form of packaging. The products of the company are used as consumables/intermediary/base products for various other industries. The various industries which consume the products of the company are varies from soap, paint and steel to name a few of them. These are the regular and experienced consumers of the products who are well aware of the qualitative aspects of the products.

The manufacturing facility of the company is equipped with the required updated technological plant and machinery having updated technological updates which suits the various requirement of manufacturing of mineral powder comprises of minerals.

The company is managed by the Board of Directors comprises a mix of traditional ownership cum professional management lead by Shri Mahavir N Sundrawat (CMD), Shri Mayur M Sundrawat, Smt Dhara S Shah (Independent) and Shri Sandip Arvindbhai Kothari (Independent). The Board is supported by the required staff handling various dimensions required for a manufacturing cum processing plant.

Registered Office

4 & 5, Near Advani Oeirlicon,
L B S Marg, Bhandup (W),
Mumbai 400078.
Ph: 9414102109, 9664308033


5 & 6 (A), Road No 04,
Dahod Road Inds. Area,
Banswara, Rajasthan 327001
Ph: 9414102109, 9664308033

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