Company Profile

The company was incorporated in the year 1992 initially as private limited company later on converted into a Public Limited company and got listed its shares in the public domain with the stock exchanges somewhere around 1995. Since, then the company is listed with the Bombay Stock Exchange and maintaining fair and reasonable relationship with various stakeholders including the applicable regulators and government departments.

During its initial time, the company has set up the granite and marble manufacturing process and carried the stone processing almost more than 20 years. The depleting stone / marble reserve in and around the factory area has forced the company to shut its stone processing facility and diversify the manufacturing process by foraying into mineral based industries. The easy availability of raw material and reasonable demand of the mineral powder provided the required opportunity the company was looking for. At moment the company is in the business of manufacturing and processing of mineral powders mainly made from Marble and Dolomite. Apart from above, the company is capable of processing other minerals comprises of Quartz’s, Feldspar, Calcite and so on.

The manufacturing plant of the company is situated in one of the backward district of Rajasthan, which is incidentally a tribal and backward area of the state. The area is having plenty of natural resources in the form of low price land, availability of the labour, natural water and ample availability of power thanks to the local power generating unit. The boundaries of the district are connected with relatively more developed state of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. These neighbouring states have more industrial activities when compared with the home state of the company, which is Rajasthan.

The raw material required for the purposes is easily and comfortably available within the close proximity of the factory which has provided a viable proposition for setting up of the plant. Other industries such as soap, paint, varnish and so on are some of the industries which consume finished product of the company as a consumable or a base of their products. Hence, the demand of the company product is regular and sustainable. The local availability of tribal manpower is also addressing the manpower requirement of the company.

The Industrial environment in Banswara is generally peaceful and commonly insulated from anti industrial activity.

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